About Me

Who is Scorpioxix?

Hello, I’m Eric, the adventuring, soulful, curious photographer behind Scorpioxix.  Born into a military family and traveling majority of my life, I am finally making my mark in Pittsburgh, PA.
After graduating from Gateway Senior High School, I was schooled in photography, visual effects and motion graphics at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh until its closure.  I purchased my first camera and took photographs of the city of Pittsburgh.  It wasn’t easy teaching myself photography and post editing.  As I become more skillful through my artistic creativity, I shall be more skilled than I was yesterday.
My desire is to reach out to an audience where my work contributes to the artistic community as each individual’s own unique experience, as well as my own.  As a Photographer/Artist my goals are quite clear, to express my artistic views and please my audience but more so myself.  I have accomplished a personal style to work with my equipment expressing an innermost spirit for the art and of my subject matter which breathes an aesthetic value with every shot.
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